Tuesday, August 10, 2010

IEEE Xplore Digital Library Enhanced To Include Smart Grid Values

Building on a chief platform enhancement accomplished earlier this year, IEEE has improved its Xplore digital library to include the Foundations for Smart Grid Standards subscription.

Available as a stand-alone subscription or as a part of a complete subscription package, Foundations for Smart Grid Standards includes details about 54 dynamic IEEE standards, six active current drafts, 35 archival editions of active standards and 66 archival drafts.

IEEE says Xplore was upgraded to progress search capabilities and the user interface, while also adding up new personalization tools. Overall, Xplore contains more than two million documents, the organization adds.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Are Latest IETF Switching, Routing Spectacles Needed?

Two high-profile provisions twisting their way through the IETF agree to improve data center switching and service donor routing, but advances from Cisco and Juniper Networks raise questions about how much the goggles are even needed.

For switching, the IETF is functioning on Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links (TRILL), which is anticipated to conquer limitations of the Spanning Tree protocol in scale and topology reconvergence. For routing, the IETF is investigating the Locator/ID Separation Protocol (LISP), which is intended to improve addressing and load balancing for enterprises working with multiple ISPs.

While these may appear like solutions to long tardy networking problems, they may also be surplus with capabilities already or soon to be on the market. In the case of TRILL, Ethernet switch market leader Cisco will quickly be shipping Fabric Path for its Nexus 7000 switch that accomplishes the same tasks TRILL is projected to address though providing many more capabilities.

Friday, August 06, 2010

Symmetricom Announces New Managerial Vice President for Government Business Unit

Symmetricom a worldwide leader in specific time and frequency technologies, now announced that Daniel Scharre has been promoted to managerial vice president, general manager of the company's Government Business Unit. Previously, he was vice president, marketing and business development of the same unit.

In his new position, Scharre is liable for supervision of the growth and management of the company's time and frequency skill products that target the government, enterprise, science, aerospace and resistance industries. He reports to Symmetricom president and CEO, Dave Cote.

Dan has an outstanding track trace with his more than 20 years experience in growing technology companies, and we are providential to have him as part of our Symmetricom team, said Dave Cote, president and CEO. Under his leadership, Symmetricom will be able to identify and perform on new market opportunities for customers who demand the most steadfast and exact timing and frequency control products.

Monday, August 02, 2010

IEEE Launches Latest Features For IEEE Xplore Digital Library

IEEE, the world's chief technical expert association for the progression of technology, has launched several new enhancements to the IEEE Xplore digital library. Highlights of this update consist of support for Athens and Shibboleth authentication, the IEEE Foundations for Smart Grid Standards subscription package, and availability of the National Electrical Safety Code on mobile devices.

This new update builds on a major platform upgrade earlier this year. In February 2010, IEEE launched a fully redesigned IEEE Xplore, based on general input and feedback from users, librarians, professionals and IEEE members across the globe. The objective was to spectacularly improve the user interface and search capabilities, while adding new personalization tools, to make exploring IEEE Xplore's more than two million documents faster and more dynamic.

Our successful start of the redesigned IEEE Xplore earlier this year was both stimulating and satisfying to everyone who contributed to this important milestone in the evolution of the IEEE Xplore platform, said Prakash Bellur, Director, Online Platform Services. This latest update not only enhances the value of IEEE Xplore, but makes IEEE's wealth of technical resources easier to locate and use by professionals and organizations around the world.

Friday, July 30, 2010

NASA Mars Odyssey Releases Most Perfect Martian Plan Constantly

NASA’s Mars Odyssey orbiter, launched technique back in April 2001, reached Mars in October of that year and began its operations in February of 2002. For the past eight and a half years, the outpost has been snapping photos, using its multi-band infrared camera.

That camera, called THEMIS (THermal EMission Imaging System), managed to take over 21,000 photos of the surface of Mars as its work began. NASA’s Jet impulsion Laboratory, in collaboration with researchers at Arizona State University’s Mars Space Flight Facility, has been working on this map for years, and is finally able to show it off to the world.

Those 21,000 photos have been, in NASA’s words, smoothed, matched, blended and cartographically restricted to make a giant mosaic. The ultimate outcome is almost Google-Maps-like experience that allows panning and zooming with the click or swipe of a mouse. You can zoom in attractive far–the smallest surface facts that can be seen are about 100 meters wide, which is a new record for photography of Mars.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

IEEE 802.3af/At-Biddable PSE Controller Saves Gap and Cost in Poe+ Mechanical Plans

The MAX5971B integrates a 0.5ohm power MOSFET, intellect resistor, and recent monitor to keep space and cost in PSE system the distinctive function circuit requires less than eight outer components. Additionally, the MAX5971B includes a 9-bit ADC and I2C boundary to facilitate advanced control management and power budgeting. Capable of delivering up to 40 W/port for PoE+ powered devices (PDs), the MAX5971B is well suited for IP phones, IP cameras, wireless LAN access points, and video surveillance cameras.

This PSE controller is wholly compliant to the IEEE 802.3af and IEEE 802.3at standards. The tool operates from 32 V to 60 V and provides IEEE 802.3af/at-compliant PD discovery, classification, and DC/AC load-detach detection. Class 5 and two-incident classification are supported for exposure and classification of high-power PDs. The MAX5971B also detect legacy PDs that use elevated capacitance as the discovery signature.

The device is totally software configurable through its I2C-compatible, 2-wire serial interface. The MAX5971B can be controlled with a system microcontroller it can be configured to activate autonomously without the necessitate for a host microcontroller or software; or it can be configured to drive in manual or semiautomatic modes, which offer design flexibility as well as field debug and diagnostic capabilities.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fermi-Based NVIDIA Quadro Video Cards Made Official

In terms of user graphics cards, NVIDIA is still a way rotten from covering the complete market by DirectX 11-capable models. The similar cannot be believed about the professional front, however, now that the Santa Clara, California-based company has unleashed its line of Fermi-based series of Quadro adapters, all enabled by the GF100 graphics processing unit. This new collection promises higher performance and a wider feature set compared to its predecessor.

So far, NVIDIA has unleashed five products. The Quadro 4000 has 2GB of GDDR5 memory and 256 stream processors (SP). Also, the Quadro 5000 has 2.5GB VRAM and 352 torrent processors, whereas the Quadro 5000M, for mobile workstations, boasts 2GB GDDR5 and 320 SP.

Moreover the Quadro 6000 has a good 6GB VRAM and 448 stream processors. As for the Quadro Plex, it is the most dominant by far, with a massive 12GB of memory and 896 SP.

We have build engines like AXE to facilitate the conception of next-gen applications. When you connect these technologies with our Fermi architecture, the result is a new Quadro family that's exponentially better than anything the market has ever seen said Jeff Brown, general manager, professional solutions group at Nvidia.